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If you get a Bali Hire Car from our company, one of the most wonderful experiences that you can have is the Ubud Village Bali Tour. It is one of the most popular tours in Bali because Ubud is a beautiful village, which is a center of culture and art. It is a district area among steep valleys and rice paddies in Gianyar regency central foothills. The village also stores many artists with their great artworks, local people with unique traditions, and great history that make it rich in uniqueness.

Tegalalang Rice Paddies, The Real View Might change because of Rice paddies Harvesting time.

By joining the Ubud Village Bali tour and choosing a Bali honest driver, you will be brought to watch the natural beauty and experience the uniqueness. The tourist attractions that can be enjoyed are such as;

Barong Dance in Batubulan

Barong Dance is a unique traditional dance of Bali. It is a storytelling dance that narrates a war of good and evil based on the history and mythology in Bali. Barong itself is a large mask shaped like a lion as a symbol of goodness. Barong will fight Rangda who is shaped like a giant that has a large canine as a symbol of badness. The war of the two characters has a philosophy as a battle of good and bad manners of people in real life. There is an interesting story in the dance performance that makes it valuable to watch. read more..

Monkey Forest

Ubud Village Bali Tour
Ubud Monkey Park

The full name is Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It is a complex of nature reserved temple that houses about 340 monkeys. It is actually a small area of rainforest where many other animals also live there. Monkey Forest is located in the middle of Ubud and specially made as a place to conserve the monkeys and other animals. You can see and interact with the animals directly by joining the tour with the best Bali Hire Car, Read more..

Ubud Royal Palace  

The real name is Puri Saren Ubud. It was a kingdom of Ubud King that was built with the beauty of traditional palace architecture. The palace was erected by Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel; the king that commanded in 1800 – 1823. Nowadays, the kingdom is made as a centre of artistic cultural life with large meeting room inside, read more..

Ubud Traditional Market

This market is located in front of the Royal Palace of Ubud. You can see how the local people having economic transactions in this traditional market. The main market on the east side; where local people do selling and buying activities, starts in the early dawn at 4 am to the afternoon. Meanwhile, you can shop kinds of artworks and local people’s handicrafts in the west side market that opens from 8 am – 6 pm, read more..

By hiring a Bali honest driver, you will also be guided to any interesting places surround Ubud, including some temples like Elephant Cave Temple and Gunung Kawi Temple. You can also visit a coffee plantation and enjoy nature and fresh air. Then go back to the hotel with a happy feeling after the tour with the best Bali Hire Car company.

 ➡ We Offer two type of price, That Is;

  1. REGULAR PRICE = All entry Fees & lunch are Paid by Guest
  2. PACKAGE PRICE = All entry Fees & Lunch are Paid by Company

Ubud village Bali tour cost;

 ➡ REGULAR PRICE is $ 50 USD/ Private Car, [ max. up to 4 persons]


  • Private Car with full AC.
  • Fuel /Parking fees /one time Toll fees
  • One Botol Mineral water for each person
  • 10 % Government tax.
  • English Speaking driver
  • The driver meals
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Free Pick up and drop off at the popular hotel area in Bali


  • Entry  Fees to the spot that mentioned
  • Your Lunch or dinner
  • Service tips but Not A Must
  • Pick up or Drop off at the remote hotel area in Bali

 ➡ PACKAGE PRICE is $ 55/ person, [ min. 2 persons ]


  • All entry Fees To the spot that mentioned below
  • Lunch at the local restaurant with the local food
  • Private Car with full AC
  • English Speaking driver as Your Private Guide
  • Parking fees & Toll Fees
  • 10% Government tax


  • International lunch style Food
  • Alcohol drink
  • Driver Tips But Not A must
  • Other unpredictable expenses during the tour, such as by souvenir, etc.

 💡 Place To Visit During the tour;

  • ± 08;30 am ⇒ Pick up from the Hotel
  • ± 09;00 am ⇒ Barong Dance show
  • ± 10;30 am ⇒ Batuan temple
  • ± 11;00 am ⇒ The Art Village [ optional ]
  • ± 11;30 am ⇒ Bali traditional/ old house
  • ± 12;15 pm ⇒ Coffee plantation [ optional ]
  • ± 13;00 pm ⇒ Lunch Time
  • ± 14;00 pm ⇒ Ubud Market & Ubud Palace
  • ± 15;00 pm ⇒ Saraswati temple
  • ± 15; 30 pm ⇒ Tegalalang Rice field
  • ± 16; 30 pm ⇒ Ubud Waterfalls Tegenungan
  • ± 19; 00 pm ⇒ Arrive at the Hotel.


 ➡ Ring us or via email up to 24 hours for free of charges or a full refund


  • REGULAR PRICE, Payment may do at the end of the trip to the driver in local currency [ IDR] based on the Bank  Exchange rate on the day itself.
  • PACKAGE PRICE, Payment must do at the beginning of the tour To the driver or may pay via online at least one night before.

Know Before Go  💡 

  • Make sure you already have some local currency which is Indonesian rupiah for something during the tour
  • A simple tour wear to make easy when you need to walk in the object
  • Don’t always use a flashlight camera when you need to take a picture  in the temple with the Hindu ceremonies

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