Hi, Ms./Mrs./Mr./Madam, Call Me Ketut, my complete name is Ketut Legawa, I was Born number 4th in our Family.  More information about me, please read my details below;
Bali – Indonesia

Name: Ketut Legawa 

Nationality; Bali – Indonesia

Religion; Hinduism

Status; Married

Old; 43 Years old

Hobby; Sport, reading a magazine, Fishing, and Jogging

Graduation :

  • Tourism Hospitality High School

Job Experience :

  • Periode 1996 – 2001, worked In Nikko Bali Hotel
  • Periode 2005 – 2013, worked in M.S.C [ Mediterranean Shipping cruise ]
  • 2015 – till now, as a driver guide in Bali honest driver. Com

My Work Motto; Learn from the past, live for the  today and plan for tomorrow

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