Bali Barong dance show   is perform every day in the morning time time  start from 09.30 Am – 10.30 Am.Most of Travelers watch this performance in the daily tour combine with see others spot around Ubud Village.Insert Booking Calendar

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Bali Barong Dance Show

Ticket  for Bali Barong  dance Show is  IDR 100,000( one hundred Rupiah)/ person,

Bali Barong Dance show Highlights

The Barong- play represent an eternal fight between good and evil spirit. Barong ( a mythological animal ) represent a good spirit and Rangda ( a mythological monster ) represents an evil one.

The dances start with Music over Tone

Followed by his friend the monkey, the tiger appears. Three masked dancers appears, representing men making palm wine in the forest, whose children are how killed by the tiger.

The three men get angry and attack the tiger. The tiger is helped by the monkey during the fight the nose of one of the three men is bitten off.


  • First ACT

Two girl-dancers appear, representing the servants of the Rangda, looking for the servants of Dewi kunti who are on their way too meet their patih ( prime minister )

  • Second ACT

Two servants of Dewi kunti appear. One of the servants of the Rangda changes into a witch and enters both servants to make them angry. They meet their patih and go together to Dewi kunti.

  • Third ACT

Dewi kunti and her son Sadewa appear. Dewi kunti has promised the rangda to sacrifice Sadewa. A witch appears and enters Dewi  kunti. She become angry and orders the patih to bring sadewa into is the forest. The patih is also entered by a with so he does not have pity on Sadewa. Sadewa is then taken into a forest and tied up to a tree.

  • Fourth ACT

Unknown to Rangda , god siwa, appears and give sadewa immortality. The Rangda appears, ready to kill sadewa and eat him up but sadewa is still alive rangda then surrenders and asks sadewa to redeem her, sadewa become angry and kills the Rangda.the rangda goes into heaven

  • Fifth ACT

One of the servants of the Rangda called kalika appears before Sadewa and asks him to redeem her too Sadewa he refuses. Kalika gets angry, and fights sadewa. The boar is defeated. She then changes herself into a bird but is defeated again. At last she changes her self into a Rangda , Sadewa meditates and then changes himself into a Barong. Still the Rangda seems to be too powerful and the fight is unending. followers of the Barong appear and help him fight the Rangda.

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