A lot of moneychanger shop are available in the island and run an illegal business that might lose your money after changing. The modus of operandi this shop is putting the exchange rate are more higher than the market exchange rate which able to deceive you and building the interest to change your money there. Once you are changing the money, some shop staff will surround you and having nice talk to deceive you when the money calculation. Therefore in order to save your money we recommend you to change the money in the Bank or in the hotel cashier although the exchange rates are lower the market rate exchange.in case you have been rash to change the money at the illegal shop, please be assuring:

  • Bring your own calculator
  • Account your money before presenting to them
  • Calculate the rate in your own calculator and compare with them
  • Calculate the Indonesian money (Rupiah) after given by staff accurately

If the money is not correct, ask to them the rest or call the nearest security or police.