Interreligious Marriage

Festival in Bali

The Balinese know tolerance not only as a proclamation ofintention, buit also as a daily social practice. for one thing, there is no Balinese who claims that his or her religion is the only keeper of truth. Truth, they use to say,is beyond the apprehension of human kind. The “ethical” endeavour in the direction of truth matters more than the “Truth’ itself, which is relative anyway,and changes according to the place(desa),the time(kala) and the circumstances(patra).

What matters-once heard puppet master say at the end of his show – is not God, nor the gods but One’s deeds.WHY? Becouse it is the Quality of one’s deeds,good or bad,which will determines one’s Karma i.e, what will happen to the soul in hell and its future incarnations.


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